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A Ballast in Turbulent Times, Something Rhymed, 2020
Poets Are Literary Photographers…,, October 2017
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For the Love of Language, Myths and Mangoes, The Sunday Guardian, April 2015
Poets & Poems: The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective, tweetspeak poetry, March 2015
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Geography of Tongues,
Jaggery, Summer 2014
New Asian Writing, April 2014
Tracing the Contours of Memory, The Missing Slate, March 2014
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Merry Brains, November 2013
Blog Interview, Neel the Muse, May 2013


Building Community Through Poetry, The Missing Slate, February 2016
The New Life of Indian Poetry
, Mint Lounge, March 2015
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The New Indian Express, February 2015
11 books of poetry you should read this year,, January 2015
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STALKED: scars in time & space,  The New Indian Express, March 2014
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Some Authors Like Plain Reading…, The New Indian Express, March 2014
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Change the World, The Hindu, September 2012
Leading Change, the Poetic Way, The Hindu, September 2012


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