Dear Friends,

I really feel strongly about our newspapers being more kid-friendly and appropriate for the general public. I was taken aback by Ashley Tellis’s article in last Sunday’s edition of DNA, which I found VERY inappropriate for a national daily newspaper. I have no personal issues with Mr. Tellis’s politics or his activism. But I feel very strongly that he needs to be aware of his audience. There are blogs and alternate media that have just as big an audience as a national newspaper. Articles from our daily newspapers are often read out in school classrooms. Obviously, this article would not be one of them. Anyway, please read the article, and if you feel the same, do write to the editor to voice your displeasure, at: inbox@dnaindia.net

Dear Editors of DNA,
This is to inform you that my family, along with several others, are shocked and surprised at the content published in last week’s Sunday edition and may be terminating our subscriptions.
Initially, many of us switched over from Times of India to DNA, because we felt DNA had more integrity and wasn’t gimmicky, in terms of publishing racy pictures, etc. However, Ashley Tellis’s article, ‘The Bad Sex Award goes to Indian Men.’ was in very poor taste and not at all fitting for a daily newspaper that caters to the general public, including children. My children read the Sunday edition and the last thing one would want their child to read is a sexually explicit rant (that too by an unhappy and cynical man). As a trained journalist, one has to ask whether this article was even read by your editors and whether DNA has any censorship protocols in place. I would like to make clear that I am a strong supporter of gay rights and found this article very insulting to gay Indian men as well. Tellis’s generalizations and graphic descriptions do nothing to create awareness of the struggles and challenges of the gay Indian community. The topic in this article could have been addressed with much more dignity and class.
I am so disappointed that DNA could stoop to this level. It really had the potential to become one of India’s foremost newspapers.
I would appreciate an explanation as to how DNA feels this sexually explicit article is appropriate for their Sunday edition and why they felt no need to censor the contents, although they censored the word ‘fuck’ in it. I think your younger readers deserve an apology and that you should have a warning in the beginning of such articles that content may be inappropriate for ages 18 and younger. Nevertheless, you have lost quite a few readers/supporters because of this, myself included.
Shikha Malaviya

One thought on “LETTER TO DNA

  1. Kapil Marwaha says:

    Super. I complained to The Press Council of India (PCI) on this Article and another one carried in the same edition “Hard porn can make you soft” and am right now drafting counter comments to DNA’s response to PCI on my complaint. Regards, Kapil Marwaha.

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