100 TPC Cairo

Art presents the opportunity to influence change in the global social, environmental and political landscape. Poetry, very specifically, can gather people together for issues affecting the world. As a genre it forms an ideal creative outlet while allowing room for expression without the limits of overly rigid rules.”

Am very excited about how the 100 Thousand Poets for Change event is shaping up here in Bangalore. In the process, I have come across so many talented and warm-hearted people, committed to the arts.  Apart from the conventional poetry reading, we will have poetry enacted in the style of image theatre, a reading of a lyric essay and some music too. Check out our line up at:


We’ve been getting some press coverage too:
An article in yesterday’s issue of The Hindu, by Jessu John, explains how 100 Thousand Poets for Change is creating ripples all over the world. In India, events are being held in BangaloreNew Delhi and Pune.

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