A few days ago, India celebrated 65 years of Independence. It was a bright, breezy day in Bangalore, as the saffron, green and white of India’s flag flapped away on car hoods, auto rickshaw sideview mirrors, and from tall poles. We went to our children’s school Independence Day celebration, where everyone was dressed in their ethnic best: tunics, dupattas, skirts, and salwars in bright colors. There were songs, a play, and dances, and a speech from the chief guest, telling the children they made up 50% of India’s population and that as India’s future, they needed to think about what freedom means and how to preserve it. Most listened, but there was a general restlessness among the younger ones, who wanted to celebrate freedom by running around and playing. These younger ones stole the show with a song that they enacted, dressed in costumes from different parts of India. I had never heard this song-my kids are older now, listening to rock and pop, instead of nursery rhymes-but this song stole my heart with its beautiful message of unity in diversity. It’s by Usha Uthup, India’s sultry voiced-Bindi Babe, who is Just Like You 😉


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